Jane Chambers & Alexander Park, Jackonsville to Dear Mother brother and sisters

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Document ID 201001016
Date 30-11-1858
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation Jane Chambers & Alexander Park, Jackonsville to Dear Mother brother and sisters;Dermot Lyttle; CMSIED 201001016
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Jacksonville Nov 31 [30?]1858
Dear father and mother I take up my
Pen brothers and sisters I take up
my pen to let you know that we
are in good helth [health?] thanks be to
God for his mercies towards both
you and me
we recived [received?] your letter dated
august 5th which gives us great
pleasure [pleasure?] to think that yous [you?] was
able to be about we feel sorry
about  my father lim [limb?] for feer [fear?]
it is som [some?] thing trublesome to
trubel [trouble?] him we want to know
wheir{where?] it is on his lim [limb?] pleis [please?] let
us know if it is getting better
We were sorry that our mother
had such shord [short?] spell of sickness
but we are glad that she
has got beter if the [there?] are anney{any?] thing that you
wants do not be backward
in letting us know

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and we will try to help yous [you?]
We send our love to brother Samu
Samul [Samuel?] and sister Mary Ann
We wish yous [you?] a great deal
of hapnes [happiness?]
We send our love to brother
Charles and sister marthem [Martha?]
and famley [family?]
We send our love to brother
John and sister Mary
and famly[family?]
Pleis [please?] send us the direction
for mathewe [Matthew?]
 and margrit [Margaret?]
Park  we want to rite [write ?] to them.
Pleis [please?] write as soon as this
goes to han [hand?] we intend 
leiving [leaving?] hir [here?]
erley [early?] in Spring if every
thing goes to our wishes
We send our best respects to
All the old nebours [neighbours?] and we
would be glad to heir [hear?]
from them
We ad [add?] no more at present
but remane [remain?] your afectine[affectionate?]
children Jane Chambers
and Alexander Park