David Moody [Australia] to "My Dear Mother"[Location?]

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Document ID 9503085
Date None
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation David Moody [Australia] to "My Dear Mother"[Location?]; PRONI T2901/3/7; CMSIED 9503085
                          Kapundu Oct [October?] 13 1858.
My Dear Mother
               Ihave received a letter
from Abm [Abraham?] and one from Margaret some time
back and has [have?] answered neither,but I posted
one that I had written for Margaret since I received
hers .Surely it is time for me to let you hear direct
from me. Although I know when Margaret receives any
letters from me that it will give you as much satisfaction
as if directed to you .and Abm [Abraham?] will be punctual
(as he generally is to all) to let you hear all news
that he receives. There has little occured since
I have written to Margaret only John's Wife has
presented to him a fine little son  all his Children
besides are well and pretty and getting prettier I have
nothing more particular but if I think of anything before
I have finished or if anything occurs to my mind, I shall add
it by writing posthaste
Well Dear Mother what to write you that would
give most pleasure is what I would like and I
do not believe that you care much about hearing
of land-growing crops -multiplying  Stock-digging
gold etc. neither am I inclined to write of such things
for I think the time while attending or working
at those things should be almost sufficient for them
other time is short compared to the time that is devoted to
such things.to some you are well aware there is no other
time strictly speaking none!! if I was not writing to A ,
Margt [Margaret?] it would be necessary and right for me to tell of
such things  briefly  My Dear Mother what shall I [write?] Oh may my
pen be guided by the omniscient and all
wise God to narrate words of comfort and consolation but
I believe you will be at times almost unwilling like the bereaved
Rachelto give ear to comforting words yes saying
"is there any sorrow like unto my sorrow" .But certainly
I know that this will be your meditation and lamentation as
sometimes but being endowed naturally with almost surpasing
[surpassing?] fortitude and excellence in many points are to be
found .Yes your thoughts and reflections will arise above
despondency and uncontrolable [uncontrollable?] sorrow from a sense
(and a just sense) that you as far as it was in your power and not
neglecting to ask divine assistance "has done what you could "
toward your offspring - true you have failed  often and as all have
done less or more but individuals that we read of which attained
triumphant achievements heroic
( if I may so speak ) over the flesh,the world,and the devil and to
complain of infirmities even when disposed to do good
"evil was not present with them " My Dear Mother For the present no
affliction seemeth joyous but grievous nevertheless "it yieldeth the
peacable fruits of righteousness unto them which are exercised
therby " as well for us now as it did for the dead of old  all [all]
things withall things does work together for good to these followers
of Emanuel. and I hope and trust through hourly sinning that we have
unfeigned [hope?] in Him whom the "bowed down doth raise and may the
great Comforter revive and strengthen us daily that we may be
enabled to withstand our enemies temporal and spiritual and overcome
temptation and unholy desires this corrupt nature-as I must stop
remember me to all friends - Dear Parent I hope we shall meet yet on
earth if not in the " Better Land "  "Sorrow and death never enter
there "

                              In love your youngest son

                                     D. Moody
     I believe I mentioned to Margaret some of Johns hopes but as he
has been a little unfortunate since I shall go over a claim  œ 130
by a sale of wheat I two year old filly [slow?] and two foals Henry
& Solomon losses by wheat but not so much as John I shall write him
and give him all the news I can,but he must have good patience for I
know that he is and has always been very anxious to hear of his
brothers and friends
         All well soon be no lack of Moodys in this sunny land  yours David
   I hope there are good news from Begley & McCalin There is not
much likelihood of me sueing if William [----?] use all