Hugh Donnan, Cahard, Co. Down to [?], [?]

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Document ID 900194
Date 14-02-1849
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Hugh Donnan, Cahard, Co. Down to [?], [?]; PRONI D2759/5/1; CMSIED 900194
     Cahard  14th Feb Hugh Donnan     1849

We wish to let you know that we received John &
his uncle Thomas's letter on the 9 of Feburary
[February?] which was the day of the County
ploughing match we were all at it I ploughed a
[an?] afternoon the next day to Sir William Donnan
and that John Forsyth has got his brother Charles's
farm of land and that I ploughed to him the
following monday he had 35 ploughs we wish to let
you know that the big horse behaved very well this
season and that we have about 4 acres to plough
at this date we intend to write to you about the
begining [beginning?] of april
We wish to let you know that the times here are
very dull and that the sale of land is almost over
unless that a change coms [comes?] and we beleive
[believe?] that there is hundreds here who would wish
to sell their land and cannot get it sold and go to
America. we know of no land sold in our neighbourhood
only Kitty [Mcwhirr's?] to James Smyth son of Robert
Smyth of Creevy for the sum of 50 pounds. your
uncle Thomas Mclements advertised his farm in
Craggy and that their [there?] was no person at
all came to bid him any thing for it. Grace Jordan
got a young son on the fourth of Feburary
[February?] attended by doctor Gordon.
you may let your uncle Thomas know that his
brother John got the slip that came in Alex Hoggs
(sic) letter also the newspaper that he sent also
the slip that came in James Garretts (sic) letter
also that he went to Hugh Garretts (sic) and David
Moors (sic) about  the money and the [they?]
promised to pay it about the latter end of March
and the [they?] have not done it he would wish to
know what his brother Thomas would advise him to do
for he thinks that nothing else will do but to give
the nots [notes?] up to an attorney also he has
got part of his interest and as soon as he gets it
all gathered up he intends to put it in the bank he
wises [wishes?] to let him know that he posted a
letter for him about the middle of Feburary
[February?] and he directed it to Jason D Tylor
for him also that he got a letter from John
Thompson march 24th it consisted of what his meal
amounted to and if he had got the money that he got
from him when he went away he got it in November
with a little slip in it for Miss Jane Garrett
and that he wants an answer for it
I wish to let you know something of your uncle
Thomas Mclements [McClements?] I warned him about
November and told him I wished he would try to
make me up the  money that was betwixt him and I
if possible before the 1st of Feburary [February?]
the answer he made was I will pay attention to it
however when the time was up he could pay nothing he
then paid the Intrest [Interest?] and that was all I got
he advertised his land in Craggy but their [there?]
was no one to buy it James Thompson in  Saintfield
has gave up a note he has of him for about ÷75 to
Hugh Wallace who has supainaed [subpoenaed?] him
about the middle of march we do not know what will
be the event I asked him what what (sic) he was
intending to do he said he was intending to to auction
his crop after harvest and try to pay of [off?] some
of his dept [debt?] he did not say he would pay
me but I am afraid he will not be able to pay what
dept [debt?] is against him
  we paid Thomas [R---?] the ÷10 that we owed
  him this winter
  Mr Mcewin [McEwan?] wished us to Remember him to you