R. Smith, Philadelphia, to Father J. Smith, Moycraig, Co.Antrim

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Document ID 9501043
Date 08-04-1839
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation R. Smith, Philadelphia, to Father J. Smith, Moycraig, Co.Antrim; PRONI D1828/10; CMSIED 9501043
Recieved this May the 25th 1833

To: Mr James Smith
    County of Antrim Parish of
            Billey [Billy?]

From:    Philada [Philadelphia?] April 18th 1839

       Dear Parent Brothers and Sisters
            I take up my pen to answer my Brother
Johns of the 8th July that he sent with Mr John McHay
[McKay?] Junior Formerly of Mosside [Moss-side?] and
as he is going to emigrate once more thither I think
it my Duty to write a few lines to you to let you know that
I am well thanks be to God I never was healthier in this
country or at home than I am at Present which he can
inform you of my Condition as well as I Can but to please
you all I write these few lines for if I would not
you would think I had forgotten you but indeed I have not
for, I never knew the value of kind and affectionate
Parents like you ever was to me until my experimental
knowledge of the want of them since my arival [arrival?]
in this Country although I am not the worst off for the want
of them for thank God I never lost one hour of my time
Since my arival [arrival?] in this Country and had always
good health and a little money in my pocket and
these are the best friends ever you could have in a
strange land My Unkle [Uncle?] had proven very kind
to me and I flatter myself that I have done so to him
by acting and attending to his buisness [business?] in
a proper manner I expected to abandon his service a
few days ago but by his fair proposals I stand fair
with him and expect to stop with him until I see him
perform his offers James Wiley came on to this City
in fall last and informed me of the prosperous way
of my friends in mcfinn [MacFinn?] which I was glad
to hear of he also informed me of the marriage of
my Cuzin [Cousin?] John Wite [White?] to Miss Ann Neal
[Neil?] daughter of widow Neal [Neil?] of Druckendult
[Drunkendult?] and he told me of their notion of Coming to this
Country and if the [they?] be wise the [they?] will stay where
the [they?] are for the [they?] never would be as happier her
[here?] as the [they?] would be at home I would not let you
my parents Come to this Country on any account if I
Could prevent you for I never saw the man here any
happier than he would be at home although I do not
regret my Coming Out here but if I thought i never
was to see home any mor [more?] I would wish I never had
come here I think it very strange that you never write
to me this is the second time I wrote to you on receipt
of my brother Johns letter and has received no answers
and if you do not write to me I shall neever [never?]
put pen to paper mor [more?] to you I think you have as
much time as I have and a little more for I Write
this when I should sleep I have not heared [heard?]
of James Wiley since he left this City for NYork
[New York?] nor I never heared [heard?] one single
word of my unkle [uncle?] Samuel White since I Came
here I had a letter from Andrew McElhose and John
McFadden in the month of January 1839 and the [they?]
were living in the state of Ohio and in pretty good
health at that time although Andrew lay Sixteen
Weecks [Weeks?] in Summer with the feavour [fever?]
and Eague [Ague?] and John McFadden had the same
complaint from the month of November but the [they?]
ever both got since well I answered their letter
and has not heard from them Ritchard [Richard?]
Scoll came from the [lehi?] [sic] coal mine in fall
and drove Dray all winter in town at the aproach [approach?]
of Spring I Got him into a verry [very?] perminent
[permanent?] Situation in a wholesale Liquor and Flour Store
as dray man and assistant store keeaper [keeper?] it was
in the same store that my unkle [uncle?] Wm.
[William?] Smith served in after his arival [arrival?]
in this Country his master name is Caskey and
he liked him very well but sorry am I to say that
Ritchard [Richard?] is toock [took?] unwell with a
bad Cough and is not able to work but I am dooing
[doing?] all I can for him and he will soon be well
enough my Unkle [Uncle?] Wm [Uncle William?] is well
and all the family he send one Sovereign to my
Grandfather I also send a small acknowlegement [acknowledgement?]
of my earnings to you all but I remember my brother
Johns request respecting Mr Moses McFadden esteem for me
my unkle [uncle?] Robert is well Thomas Linsay is well but
wa [was?] si [sick?] in winter for a long time all my fr
[friends?] and aqu [aquaintances?] is well within in bounds
and [?] is in City and County of Philadelphia when you write
let me know from John McConaughy formerly of Moycraig, times is
pretty fair in this Country at this time but Marketing
of Every description is very high give my love to
Grandfather if he is alive to all my Unkleys [Uncleys?] and
aunts and to all my Companions and assotiates [associates?]
whether Male or Female and in short to all those that think
worth their while to enquire after me these few lines as a
specimen of my love and esteem for them all. my unkle [uncle?]
and all the family Joins me in sending my love to you all
remember me to Wm [William?] Campbell in  particular to my
little sister Nancey [Nancy?] - Excuse my bad w [writing?]
and bad inditing [indicting?]. I add no mor [more?] at present
but remains your affectionate Son
   Robert Smith I hope to see you all once mor [more?].