American Privateers in Irish Waters.

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Document ID 9807964
Date 21-04-1778
Document Type Newspapers (Shipping News)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation American Privateers in Irish Waters.; PRONI D 2015/5/7; CMSIED 9807964
On Monday last a vessel supposed to be an American
privateer of between 2 & 300 tons burthen entered
this harbour and put out a signal for a pilot, upon
which a fishing boat went from Carrickfergus, the
crew of which did not return, their boat being hauled
up upon the deck after which she sailed round the Drake
sloop of war and sheered off again.  A gun was fired
by the sloop in consequence of her hail not being
returned.  The account goes on to mention the various
places the vessel was afterwards seen and gives an
account of a brush she had with the Huzzar revenue
cutter from Whitehaven.