Petition of George Fiseby to Evelyn John Shirley

		To Evelyn John Shirley Esq [Esquire?]

To Evelyn John Shirley Esq.r [Esquire?]
the petition of George [Fiseby?] of [Cosesetts?]

Humbly Sheweth that He Belongs to a Ancient old family
on the Shirley Estate where His forefathers Held a farm of land.
in the townland of [Cossetts?] parish of Maheross where the[y?] always
paid there [their?] rent regular and also your petr.  [petitioner?]
until of late through the Death of Cattle and Missed Crops your petr
[petitioner?] fell Behind in the rent your petr [petitioner?] Begs
leave to State to your Honor [Honour?] that He paid in the office in
[?]-the Sum of £13-7-0 Due Against your petr [petitioner?]
He was after prosess[process?] and Decreed taken and Sent to Gaol where
He remained four Months then Gave up possession of His property
and at His return Home from Gaol His House was trown [thrown?] Down
and left your petr [petitioner?] with out any Shelter Ever since your
petr [petitioner?] Begs leave to further State that He Has no family
only One Child that He paid 60£ for three Acres of Said farm to His aunt
and Sent Her and family to America and also a Sister which Cost
Him Great Expense and is at present without any Means of
   Now your petr [petitioner?] Humbly Implores your Honor [Honour?]
to take His lease into Consideration as He is a protestant who
never Done anything Contrary to His landlord or Agents wishes to
Give Him Means to Go to America to His friends as He Has
no other Means in this Country and your petr [petitioner?]
as in Duty Bound will Ever pray
                                             George [Figseby?]