Joseph Carrothers London Canada to William Carrothers, Farnaght.

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Document ID 9411007
Date 15-06-1855
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Joseph Carrothers London Canada to William Carrothers, Farnaght.; PRONI T3734; CMSIED 9411007
                                Westminster June 15th 1855
Dear Brother
          I received your present the pamplet [pamphlet?] with
 that of Mr Copelands I am happy to know you and
family is all in good health, and this leaves me
and the family in the same thank god for his mercies
to us, I can inform you that all your Brothers and
familys  and cousins and families are all living and
in good health I have wondered you did not answer
my last letter, You will please to answer this letter
and let me know how you are able to live and meet the
rent and taxes, as the are stil [still?] high and wages high,
let me know the changes in my old neighbours, let me
know how John Black left his property and how the
others are doing, Let Margaret know if her cosin [cousin?]
Rebecca Armstrong is living in Lisbellaw and how her
uncle Wm [William?] McMullan is let me know how sister
Montgomery and family is, and let me know how sister Tirzah
          Dawson Dane Heathers visited London in his
tour through Canada to support the reformation
in Ireland he got 120 pounds in London I
heard, I was in town soon after he arrived, his
arrival not being made publick [public?] I had not the pleasure
of seeing him he had good success in all the towns
he visited he return on the 20th of this month for
          We had a more than usual cold winter and
this month for so far is much colder than usual
our Peach Trees are kild [killed?] by the cold of last winter
in this part of the country and to a great extent in
the States I had six Bushel of Peaches last year
I will not have a single fruit this year last
summer was very warm but the winter was extreme
cold. Our crops look very promising at present,
winter wheat looks very fine. We have very good
markets for all farm produce Wheat from 2 Dollars
to 2 1/2 pr. Bushel of 60 lbs a Dollar is four British
shilling or 5 shilling Currancy [Currency?] Oats 1/2 Dollar to
1/2 Do [Ditto?] and sixpence of 34lbs to the Bushel puttatoes
[potatoes?] the same as the Oats pr [per?] Bush [Bushel?]. Butter
from 8d to 10d pr lb Wool from 10d to 12d per lb all other things
proportionally Dear.
              We had a visit from the Reverend Mr.
Caughey an Irish man by Birth in London last winter
he is called the Apostle of the Day he stopped better
than two months he held services in the new Wesleyan
Church a very spacious building, in the Gothick [Gothic?]
Order of Arkitecture [Architecture?] it cost upwards of six
Thousand pounds, many were aded [added?] to in the town and
neighbourhood, and in this part of the country the flame
was kindlid [kindled?] and some of the lost was found Among
others Brother Sam has started again and Cosin [Cousin?] David.
Margaret, and William and James has been added to the number
which makes our comforts more sweet, I had
a letter in January 54 [1854?] from Paul from Beechworth in
Victoria Colony but none since, it is gratifing to
me that I am retained in the breast of some of my old
friends particularly Mr Copeland, I send my best respects
to him and his Father and Mother, at his convenience
I hope for more of his favours, please to let
Mr Hugh Lunny know I am living and well let me know
if he is alive, let me know if Mr Copeland got the
Almanack I sent him in December last, I now close
these few lines hoping you will remember me to all
my old acquaintances, Margaret wishes to be remembered
to Miss Armstrong, Her Uncle William and Aunts she
sends her love to them, we all join in sending our
love to you and family
                             I remain Dear Brother your
                             affectanly, [affectionately?]
                                  Joseph Carrothers.

Postmarks London U.C. [Upper Canada?] Ju [June?] 16 1855
          Paid Liverpool 1 JY [July?] 55
          Enniskillen J [July?] 1855