Ship Thomas Gelston, Belfast to Philadelphia.

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Document ID 8908086
Date 08-05-1817
Document Type Passenger Lists
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Ship Thomas Gelston, Belfast to Philadelphia.; CMSIED 8908086
                       8, May 1817
                     Ship Thomas Gelston
Ship = Thomas Gelston: Master = Alexander Strachan: From = Belfast:
     Burthen = 458 tons: Plantation Built: Bound for = Philadelphia:
    Names                      Baggage
   =======                    =========
   Cabin Passengers
William Stanton          )  Four Trunks, Four Boxes, One Hogshead,
Frederick Stanton        )  One Writing Desk, Three Beds, One Dressing Box,
Ann Stanton & Child      )  One T[in?] Box, One Gun.
John Darragh                One Trunk, One Box, Bed & Bedding.
George Walsh                One Trunk, One Box, Bed & Bedding.
  Steerage Passengers
John Davis                  Three Packages
John Crompton               Four Packages
Arthur Ingraham             Two Packages
George Flowers              Two Packages
Samuel Frew                 Two Packages
James Hannah                Two Packages
Matthew Dalzell             Two Packages
Patrick Mooney & Wife       One Package
John Clugston               One Package
Henry Brown                 One Package
John Kennedy                Two Packages
Jane Agnew & Family         Five Packages
James Sheperd               Two Packages
T. & J. Brabshaw            One Package
Hugh Finnigan & Family      Two Packages
William Algie               One Package
Thomas Battersly            Two Packages
John Mullan                 Two Packages
Michl. Toner                One Package
Michl. Logan                One Package
Hugh Short                  Two Packages
John Carroll                Two Packages
Robert Gibson               Two Packages
John Black                  Two Packages
Alexr Green                 One Package
John H. Wilson              Three Packages
Robt Houston                Five Packages
Michl. Vallely              Two Packages
James Gibson                Four Packages
George Simms & Family       Four Packages
Robert Boyd                 Two Packages
C.& M. Hagan                One Package
J. Hamilton & Family        Three Packages
Simon Neilson               Two Packages
John Jackson                One Package
Richard Carson              One Package
Samuel Stewart              One Package
John Sefton                 Two Packages
Jas. McConnell              Five Packages
John Patterson              Four Packages
J. & J.Campbell             Two Packages
Luke Killen & Son           One Package
Silas Locke                 Three Packages
Thomas Smith                Two Packages
Wiliam McClure              Three Packages
John Pollock                One Package
John Rankin                 Two Packages
Sarah Barrett               Two Packages
Arthur Devlin               Two Packages
Wm. Wilson                  Three Packages
Robert Leebody              Two Packages
Randall McAllister          Two Packages
Hugh McMullan               Two Packages