Nancy Millar, Moyse, Limavady, To Uncle's Family, America

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Document ID 8809210
Date 21-02-1883
Document Type Letters (Other)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Nancy Millar, Moyse, Limavady, To Uncle's Family, America; PRONI T.2212/7; CMSIED 8809210
Moyse 21st February 1883
Dear Uncle, Aunt and Cousin,
I once again lift my pen to tell you the sad, sad news that
death has been at work in the family again.
Uncle John, your Father's only brother is dead.  He died very
suddenly.  He never complained any.  I never heard him saying that
he was sick.
We received your kind and ever welcome letter 1st of February.
When it came it was the evening and Uncle John was in bed and I
took it up to him and showed him the picture.  I told him that was
his brother James' daughter's likeness, and he took it in his hands
and looked at it.  I could scarcely get him to understand it for
he was so deaf this while back.
About eight o'clock next morning he was gone the way of all
the earth.  Mrs. Brown says she remembers well when your Mother
came to her house with her spinning wheel.  She says if she could
only see your Mother she would give her life for her.  She says
she was the kindest girl ever was.  Mrs. Brown has gotten pretty
frail.  When I showed her your picture she could not say who it was
like, but John Brown said you were like your grandmother Mrs.
I began to write this letter on Friday evening last when James
and the three oldest children were at the Band of Hope meeting.  It
is held in the Largy school room.
I hope you will excuse me for not finishing this till now.
There is still school here on Saturdays and the Psalms are still
sung in our church and since the Rev. [Reverend?] Mr. Gallagher came he has
gotten it all repaired.  It is nearly finished and it will be re-opened
D.V. [Deo Volente?] 18 March by a Rev. [Reverend?] Mr. Wilson of Cookstown.
Mr. Daniel Simson, his wife and family are all well.  Mr. John Davis is
well.  There is none of his family with him, only his son's wife and
daughter and a daughter's son.  The children think it a very good
thing there is no oat meal in your country.  They don't care for
oat bread.  James said for me to send one of the funeral cards to
let you see the kind they are.  He thinks there were none of them
used when your Father left this country.
We are all in our usual health when this letter leaves us.
James and all the family join me in sending their love and best
respects to you all.  Write soon
From your cousin
Nancy Miller.