Schooner Arrington, Mayagues to New York.

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Document ID 88072019
Date 09-10-1826
Document Type Passenger Lists
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Schooner Arrington, Mayagues to New York.; CMSIED 88072019
Date = 9th October 1826
Schooner = Arrington
Master = Joseph H Conklin
Burthen = 110 tons
Port of Departure = Mayagues [Mayaguez?]
Port of Arrival = New York


I Jos [Joseph?] H Conklin do solemnly, sincerely, and truly swear that the
following List or Manifest of Passengers, subscribed with my name, and now
delivered by me to the Collector of Customs for the District of New York,
contains, to the best of my knowledge and belief, a just and true account
of all the Passengers received on board the Schooner Arrington whereof I am
Master, from Mayagues [Mayaguez?]
                                                          So help me God
                                                        Joseph H Conklin
Sworn to, the 9th October 1826
Before me Jno [John?] [Kenny?]

List or Manifest of all the Passengers taken on board the Schooner Arrington
whereof Jos [Joseph?] H Conklin is Master, from Mayagues [Mayaguez?]  Burthen
110 tons.
Names                  Age    Sex     Occupation The Country The Country
                                                 to Which    to Which
                                                 They        They Intend
                                                 Severally   to Become
                                                 Belong      Inhabitants
Thomas O'Brien         23     Male    Merchant   Ireland     United States
Francis Abielle        24     Male    Merchant   U. States   United States
Mary Abielle           19     Female             U. States   United States
                                                        Joseph H Conklin