John McAtyer, Albany, New York, to Robert Shipboy, New York

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Document ID 9503018
Date 12-11-1766
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation John McAtyer, Albany, New York, to Robert Shipboy, New York; PRONI D530/22/1; CMSIED 9503018
Robert Shipboy and
Co [Company?] the Care of John Shipboy
in New York

Albany November [the?] 12 1766

friend I am glead [glad?] to hear of your saue [safe?] arival [arrival?]
I am sorey [sorry?] to aquent [acquaint?] you of my new fortune
which I supose [suppose?] you ar [are?] not on aquent [acquaintance?] with
I send you your accounts along with
this your accounts or to pay yet
but what you will find was [that?]
I am not at this present in accord as
to pay you what I have received of your
money your lotery [Lottery?] tickets Drue [Drew?] one
pries [prize?] of five pounds which I got the
half of of [sic] your part one pound tow [two?]
shins [shillings?] and six pence frend [friend?] Robart [Robert?]
I hop [Hope?] to see you by Crismes [Christmas?] in
New York and then I can setesfy [Satisfy?]
you But [er?] if you would put
your self [yourself?] to the trouble of send me
tow [two?] or three linds [lines?] to me and if
you have any eters [letters?] from Ireland
pleas [please?] to send them along with a
sure hand and in so Doing you
will obilag [obilge?] your Humbel [Humble?]
Servant John McAtyer