William Drennan, Newry, To Mrs Matty McTier, Belfast.

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Document ID 9002040
Date 01-01-1776
Document Type Letters (Other)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation William Drennan, Newry, To Mrs Matty McTier, Belfast.; PRONI T.765/1/53; CMSIED 9002040
       ... But I have always avoided entering upon any subject which
cou'd [could?] hurt you & do me no good - that my situation is grown more
and more irksome & mortifying cannot be thought odd - if I am supposed
to be possessed of any feeling - some imaginary good has danced before
me and cheated me out of sorrow, and into to hope for years - there is
not one now that can do so - but ( the last I once thought I could
bear) going to America - & this I wou'd [would?] most fondly cherish
if I could get Sam to set about it with spirit -- I have got him to
propose it to DM: & I do not think he is against it he also told him
he shd. [should?] not want money if he chose to risque [risk?] it in that
way & that he did suppose the voyage wou'd [would?] be good for me - tho'
[though?] he could not answer for the Climate but as my plan wu'd
[would?] be such as either to stay or not as we found health and
interest admit, that point wou'd [would?] be of no consequence - I
began to mention it to my Mother & Nancy but was answered with anger &
contempt, suppposing it to be all a finesse to cheat them out of their
purpose of sending me to Bristol - Sam was to accompany me there at
the expense of at least a hund: [hundred?] pd: [pound?] consider this
-- put yr:self [yourself?] for a moment in my situation & sure you
will not wonder that (for the present at least) I have stood out
against this attack, made thro' [through?] affection & ending in wrath
particularly against Sam who is most unjustly considered as hindering
me -- & as not having spirit to leave Belfast for any purpose -- he is
treated accordingly by Nancy - in [case?] the goat's whey might satisfy them I
mentioned it to Dr Haliday who approved of it so did Mr:  & if matters
are nor fixed for America I must go some place & may as well try it -
Rainey M: upon hearing this said Newry now attracted me - for that
Ross Trevor [Rostrevor?] was the place for whey - I have heard much of it
inquire [enquire?] what sort of lodgings are there the plan, price, what you
get etc - be very particular - I wou'd [would?] not wish to be very near
you for I cannot do you credit - but in reach of a morning's ride -- I
could not avoid disobeying yr: [your?] last injunction - tho' [though?]
I meant to be agreeable & tell you how you are puffed of here - we hear
of you as one most acceptable & generally admired & esteemed in Newry
- & old Dame Pottinger says she supposes you make at the rate of
[6?]oo a year - her son spoke much in your praise -- Black called here
but neither W: Jones Mr Pollock did us that favor [favour?] - the
latter I saw this moment pass with Miss Greg - he stopped at the door
going to C.fergus [Carrickfergus?] - as Nancy was at it & she offered
him a bed but he refused it ....