Wreck of the Ship Faithful Steward, From Londonderrry.

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Document ID 9808405
Date 18-11-1785
Document Type Newspapers (Shipping News)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Wreck of the Ship Faithful Steward, From Londonderrry.; PRONI D 2015/5/7; CMSIED 9808405
Transcribed from the Belfast Newsletter, 18 November, 1785

For an account of the disaster which happened to the
Derry ship Faithful Steward at Cape Henlopen.  She had
249 passengers.  On the 1st of September at 10 o'clock
they tried for soundings and had four fathoms and in a few
minutes she struck.  No land was sighted before darkness.
They found it necessary to cut away the masts.  There was
a high sea running, they managed to get out the boats
but before they could be manned they drifted away.
Only 68 persons were saved among whom were the master,
mates, and 10 seamen.  There were only 7 women saved
out of 100.
Two years previously the Philadelphia Packet and the
ship America from Newry were lost at the same place.