W. Hinshaw, North Carolina, to T. Greer, Dungannon

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Document ID 9501017
Date 08-08-1784
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation W. Hinshaw, North Carolina, to T. Greer, Dungannon; PRONI D1044/697; CMSIED 9501017
To: Thomas Greer,

From: William Hinshaw,
      North Carolina,
      8 August, 1784

North Carolina 
the 8th Day of the 8th Month in the
year of our Lord 1784
friend Tomas [Thomas?] Greer this is to inform 
thee I and my wife is well and my Children is well 
also my son John is not maride [married?] yet But 
my sister [Alice?] keeps house for Ezra and Thomas 
is maried [married?] to two Daughters of William 
Marshills [Marshall?]. William is married to a 
daughter of William Hunts which have Visited your 
Parts sarah [Sarah?] is not yet maried [married?] 
But liveth at home Brother Jesse and familey 
[family?] is well in Health Brother Jesse is much 
afflicted with the Rhumatism [Rheumatism?] Pains 
Brother Abraham and His family is well Moses 
Hammon and his family is well we have had very 
Pearlous [perilous?] times and lost Much But 
through Devine [Divine?] Providance [Providence?] 
is Blessed with sufficent of the Nessarys [Necessities?] 
of Life father in law and familey [family?] is well Except
mother in law has Been sorley [sorely?] visited with
sickness for about a year But is now in a Likely way
of Recovery uncle William Hinshaw and familey
[family?] is well Except Thomas which has the gravel
friend Thomas Geer [Greer?] Let
William Dela- [Delap?] or his Heirs know that William
Hinshaw and mary [Mary?] his wife and his son
Thomas is yet alive which Being the very Lives
of the Lease -eadford [Readford?] which I Certify william
[William?] Hinshaw John Marshill [Marshall?] and
familey [family?] is well. William Marshill
[Marshall?] and familey [family?] is well and
Like the country very well for it is full as good
as we heard of this year there is small flying
Bugs in great numbers which have Destroyed a
great Deal of wheat and is in a Likely way of
spoiling some corn

I have often wrote but have Received no answer
father and mother with friends and Neighbors
[Neighbours?] is Either Dead or forgot-en [forgotten?]
us or els [else?] I would Expect some of them
would have wrote Be Pleased to let father and
Mother see this Letter if Living Likewise Brother
John Cortney [Courtney?] and all Enquiring friends
and Neighbours I Expect that thee will Be so
kind as to write to me and Let me know how it is
with thee and thy familey [family?] and with father
and Mother and with the three young Men that lived
With thee when I came away and how it is with thy
Brother James and Familey [family?] Likewise
with all friends Blonging [belonging?] to grange
meeting and old Neighbours of killy Nail [Neil?]
I live So that I can Ride to the fur[?]est
[furthest?] of four monthly Meetings in A morning
against Meeting tim[Tim?] Heaving No More At presen
[present?] to Add I remain thy Affectionet
[affectionate?] friend And Brother in the truth
and Any More thou May Be informed by my Well
asteemed [esteemed?] Friend Zechoria [Zacharia?]
         William Hinshaw tha [that?] Lived
          in killey Nail [Killyneill?] formerly