Ships Washington et al, Liverpool to U.S. & Canada.

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Document ID 9701055
Date 02-06-1856
Document Type Newspapers (Shipping Advertisements)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Ships Washington et al, Liverpool to U.S. & Canada.; PRONI D 1391/1/106; CMSIED 9701055

By the undermentioned celebrated Lines of Packets: -
     "Washington,"             "Blue Ball,"

     "Black Ball,"             "Mersey."

ST. JOHN'S, N.B. [New Brunswick?], AND LIVERPOOL.

Passengers met in Liverpool, and conducted to the
     Office. Luggage Stored free of charge.
                  FOR NEW YORK.
 Ship.                 Captain.     Tons.     To Sail.
Philadelphia,          Poole,       3,000     2nd June.
William Rathbone,      Pratt,       2,900     5th June.
New York,              M'Kennen,    2,400     9th June.
                       [McKennen?] Progress,              Chase,       2,400 17th June.
               ST. JOHN'S, N.B. [New Brunswick?]
Peter Maxwell,         Millar,      1,850    16th June.
Zoboah (New),          Robertson,   3,000    10th June.
Armines,               Rosenthal,   1,800    10th June.
                   FOR QUEBEC.
America,               Gardyne,     2,300    30th May.
Culloden,              Farber,      2,000     7th June.
  These Ships for Quebec are two of the splendid
Australian Packets, and fitted up expressly for comfort
to Passengers. As these will probably be the
last Ships for Quebec this season, intending Emigrants
should secure their berths early to prevent
  Apply to Messrs. SABEL & CORTIS, Liverpool;
or, ROBERT H. WARDEN, 60, Waring Street
(near the New Custom-house), Belfast.        714