Matilda Ferguson, Philadelphia, to Eliza Jane Steele

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Document ID 200912013
Date 21-03-1880
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation Matilda Ferguson, Philadelphia, to Eliza Jane Steele;Dermot Lyttle; CMSIED 200912013
[Page 1]

                       March 21st 1880
Dear Elisa Jane I sit down

to right [write?]the few lines to you
when I am just my lone the
most of my family has gone to
church the [there?] are Church three
or fore [four?] times a week here
Dear Daughter I think it strange
that you do not think more
on me nor you apeere [appear?] to do
or you would right [write?] oftener nor you
do and let me know how
yours are getting [getting?] along in
that poor country as we here [hear?]
are dying with hunger in
the most part of Irland [Ireland?] we take
the newspaper every morning
it is lamentable to here [hear?] of
such Afair  [affairs?] and the like never
was known in irland [Ireland?] before 
the[they?] are lifting money here
every day the [they?] are sending home
thousands of dolars [dollars?]

[Page 2]

I hope and trust in
the almighty God that it
has not reached your hearth [heart?]
yet as soon as you read this
right [write?] and let me know how
yours are geting [getting?] along for I feel
so uneasy about yous [you?] I hope that 
when this reaches you that you
will be in good health as this
leaves us in at present only
myself  I have got a cold and
rhumaism [rheumatism?] pains all threw[through?]
me I cannot expect to be as strong
as I was  Dear Elisa if you  and
Joseph was here you could
make money plenty or any
one that is that is steady  the [they?] say there
never was beter [better?] times seen in
America nor will be this summer   
A man wages has advanced and
work is plenty but I would
not like to advise yous [you?] to come
for fare [fear?] of the danger of the sea

[Page 3]

but I only trust in the Lord to
see yous[you?] here you would
not be working for nothing when
you right [write?] let me know how 
Samuel Park and sister Mary Ann and Willy
and grandmother is doing or if
the [they?] are all well  I rote [wrote?] to them
a good while ago but got no
answer I think I tstrange the[they?]would
not right [write?] I have moved to
another place but I did not
keep store I was not able to
stand to it I was so poorly but
I intend to open store soon when
the weather gets fine Johnny 
is at home with me now has
twelve dollars [dollars?] per week but he
can spend a good bit of it
Mary is allwaies [always?] sowing [sewing?] 
at home and Kate is working
in the store She has four
dollars [dollars?] per week and Samuel
is working in the mill he has 
four Dolars [dollars?]

[Page 4]

Sary [Sara?] is allways [always?] in
the country She comes 
in every 6 months to see
me She has nice time of
it  she is well liked with
the people she is with

6 lines illegible

David and his wife is well 
He works to his father in law
he has property
and is well off I have not heard
any news of your aunt Eliza 
and I think it strange
of her not righting [writing?] to me
Uncle David Colhoun and
family is well the [they?] live near
to me and near to all her
 people  Mary Ann and her cousin
Elisa Colhoun was spending one
evening with Bela [Bella?]

Written along sides and top of page 

Write soon  good by and may 
God bless you all hope I will see
yous [you?]here yet for I believe 
I will get well soon.