Ship Richard & Ann, Hull To Philadelphia.

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Document ID 8908120
Date 23-07-1817
Document Type Passenger Lists
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Ship Richard & Ann, Hull To Philadelphia.; CMSIED 8908120
                          Ship Richard & Ann
                            July 23, 1817
       Account of Passengers Embarked from Hull, on board the
       Richard & Ann for Philadelphia.
Names                 Profession      Luggage
======                ===========     ========
John Howthort         Farmer          Box of Wearing Apparel
Peacock Whiting       Farmer         )
Jabish Whiting        Taylor         )Six Boxes of Wearing Apparel
John Whiting          Farmer         )& One of Books
Wm. Gibson            Farmer         )
Seth Jackson          Farmer          One Box of Wearing Apparel
William Richardson    Farmer          One Box of Wearing Apparel & 2 Guns
Francis Yates         Farmer          One Box & Bag Apparel
Geo. Pratt            Farmer          Box of Wearing Apparel
Anthony Adkeson       Farmer          Box & Bundle of Apparel
William King          Servant         Box of Clothes & Tools
Robt. Teasdale        Stone Mason     Two Chests of Apparel & Tools
Firth Barber          Farmer          Box of Wearing Apparel
Wm. Addison           Farmer          Two Chests of Apparel & One Gun
Wm. Watson            Farmer          Box of Clothes
Paul Sowersby         Farmer          Box of Apparel
Thos. Robinson        Shoe Maker      Box of Apparel & Tools
Wm. Clifford          Farmer          Box of Clothes
Francis Londsbury     Farmer          Bundle of Clothes
John Winter           Joiner          Two Boxes of Tools & Clothes
Thos. Kingsbury       Joiner          Box of Clothes
Jos Pringrose         Farmer          Two Chests & Bundle of Clothes
                                      & Fiddle Case
George Wharam         Grocer
John Carey            Labourer        Box of Clothes
Wm. Thacker           Labourer        Box of Clothes
John Patchet          Labourer        Bundle of Clothes
Wm. Johnson           Labourer        Chest of Clothes
George Welch          Labourer        Box of Clothes
Wm. Marrat            Printer         Three Boxes of Clothes & Books
Thos. Geldard         Farmer          Chest of Clothes  Five [?]
Chas. Stubbs          Farmer          One Box of Clothes
Wm. Spendley          Farmer          Six Chests & Cask of Apparel
Wm. Thistlewaite      Farmer          Four Boxes of Clothes
Elizth. Thistlewaite)
Elenor Thistlewaite )
John Thistlewaite   )
Susannah Spendley   )
John Spendley       )
Jane Spendley       )
Ellis Spendley      )
Wm. Spendley        ) Wives and Children to the others.
Richd. Spendley     )  Baggage included in Theirs
Anderson Spendley   )
Ann Gibson          )
Laben Bell          )
Ann Geldard         )
Jane Geldard        )
Ann Geldard         )
Benjn. Everwaite      Farmer          Nothing