The Anderson Brothers to their Brother in Lisnamuck, Ireland

		   Posted to;
            For William Anderson
            Lisnamuck Care of Mr
            John Hunter Greenfield
            Aughadoey [Aghadowey?] Co Derry

     From America

Dear Brother we are all quite well here and has plenty
to eate [eat?] and to drink but we ern [earn?] our bread by the sweat
of our brow by reason of begining [beginning?] on a new farm but we
expect after we get our farms cleared we can live easy
we sold 12 hundred bushels of ashes this summer at five
cents pr [per?] bushel which amounted to sixty dollars you may expect
the timber stands pritty [pretty?] thick on our land when we can ma [make?]
that many ashes in one summer we send our love to you and sister
Eliza and childer no more at present but remains your affectionate
Brothers to death John Robert Joseph and David Anderson