Thomas H Loney, St. Thomas, Ontario, to "Dear Sir"

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Document ID 9909037
Date 02-08-1897
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Thomas H Loney, St. Thomas, Ontario, to "Dear Sir"; PRONI D 889/7/1; CMSIED 9909037
         G T Ry [Railway?]
          Ont [Ontario?] Canada
      August 2nd 97 [1897?]

  Dear Sir I received your
communication & power of
attorney all right I am very
thankful to you for the pains
you have taken with it hopeing [hoping?]
it will be alright
as with regard to investing the
money to pay the rent as long
as my Father & Mother lives & I
will pay the rent if I am in
a position at all to do so
I am doing very well here just
now but I make take in the
trip to the old country soon
& see how the [they?] are all doing
over there I was surprised to hear of your
uncle [uncle's?] death but more so when
I heard of poor Tommy Shall
he would have been the last
one I would have thought on
it must have been a great shok [shock?]
in his home. We have appointed
Sarah as our attorney as you will
see & she can give you a recept [receipt?] for
it in our name & send it seperate [separate?]
or together just as she wishes
hopeing [hoping?] you will have no further
trouble with it I remain yours
            Thomas H Loney
adress [address?] G T Ry [Railway?] St Thomas
                  Ont [Ontario?] Canada