James Moty, Quebec, to W.J.Alexander, London.

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Document ID 9601087
Date 13-03-1858
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation James Moty, Quebec, to W.J.Alexander, London.; PRONI D 2433/; CMSIED 9601087
                                   19 Esplanade
                                     Quebec 13 March
               By the last mail
I had the honour to receive a
letter from Mr.Smyly, who
among other things says,
"I have requested Mr.Alexander
in whose honour you
may have perfect confidence,
to dispose of your application
according to the justice of
the case and he has kindly
consented to do so."
He likewise says that you
W. J. Alexander Esq. [Esquire?] )
22 St. James Place            )
               London        )
had not long returned from
abroad having come to attend
at the Royal Wedding in your
office of Attorney General to
the Prince of Wales."
     It did not require his
allusion to the high position
referred to in the latter question
upon which however allow
one to congratulate you to
convince me that I may have
perfect confidence in your
disposal of my application,
because upon looking over your
note to Lord Caledon, which
I had the honour of enclosing
to you among other letters, on
the 29th January last, I remembered
having heard his Lordship
speak to me frequently
in terms of affection
for you. When Lord Caledon
was in Canada a few hundred
pounds were of very little
[-------?] to me, and notwithstanding
that he sometimes
asked me what the
amount he owes me, and
he promised to send me over
œ500. It is, I trust, superflous
to say I never did
[---?] one, nor the other.
     Should you kindly consent
to pay me the amount,
which I give you please
deposit it in the hands
of Mr.[---?] Glyn & Co. Bankers
Lombard Street on my
     Should you require
any other information of any
identity then you can attain
the same by applying to Messrs Bischoff,
Coxe & Bompas, of
19 Coleman Street, City, to whom
I had the honour of presenting
a letter of Introduction
from the Ex.Attorney General
for Lower Canada, the Honourable Lewis
J.Drummond, in August
     I remain, Sir
     Your very obedient
          James Moty.

Paid W.J.Alexander Esq [Esquire?]
     22 St.James Place