Ships Anglo-Saxon et al, Liverpool to Canada.

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Document ID 9704035
Date 07-11-1857
Document Type Newspapers (Shipping Advertisements)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Ships Anglo-Saxon et al, Liverpool to Canada.; PRONI D 1391/2/63; CMSIED 9704035
                AND CANADA,
            VIA PORTLAND, MAINE, U.S.,
(Under contract with Her Majesty's Provicial Government
          for the conveyance of the Mails.)
       first-class powerful Screw Steamers
          ANGLO-SAXON ......... Capt. A. M'Master,
          NORTH AMERICAN ...... Capt. W. Grange,
          INDIAN .............  Capt. T. Jones,
          CANADIAN ............ Capt. W. Ballentine
      Are intended to Sail Monthly between
                  As follows:
                FROM LIVERPOOL.
ANGLO-SAXON .... Wednesday, 25th November, 1857.
NORTH AMERICAN   Wednesday, 30th December, ...
                 FROM PORTLAND.
ANGLO-SAXON ...  Saturday, 25th  December, 1857.
NORTH AMERICAN,  Saturday, 30th January,   1858.

Cabin Passage Money to Portland ... œ18 18s. and œ15 15s.,
      including Provisions, but not Wines of Liquors.
Steerage Passage Money to Portland .............  œ8 8s.,
      including a plentiful supply of Cooked Provisions.
Arrangements have been made whereby Passengers can
be conveyed at very moderate through rates from Liverpool,
via Portland and the Grand Trunk Railway, to all the principal
Towns in Canada.
    Shippers will please send a Shipping Note with each cartload

of Goods, and they are requested to observe that one
stamped and one plain copy of each Bill of Lading [Loading?] are
required for the captain. No Bill of Lading signed
for a less amount than œ1 1s.
    Freight payable in Portland will be collected at the rate of
4 dollars 80 cents. to the pound sterling.
For Freight or Passage apply in Glasgow to Messrs JAMES
and ALEXANDER ALLEN, 54, St. Enoch-square; in London
to Messrs. MONGOMERIE and GREENHORNE, 17, Grace-
church-street; or here to
                             ALLAN AND GILLESPIE,
                     Weaver Buildings, Brunswick-street.
Or to, HENRY L. ALLEN, North-wall, Dublin.
   Liverpool, 19th October, 1857.