Andrew Greenlees, Rice, [Kansas?] to his brother.

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Document ID 9006204
Date 21-05-1874
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Andrew Greenlees, Rice, [Kansas?] to his brother.; PRONI T 2046/20; CMSIED 9006204
[continuation of letter of May 9, from Andrew Greenlees, Rice, Kansas,
to his brother]

             May 21st 187- [1874?]

not having an opportunity to mail
my letter untill [until?] now I will
fill in a little more
we have had refreshing rains
lately rye is heading out we
will have harvest about
4 weeks from note
we do not expect the locusts
this year and look forward to
harvest with very fond anticipation
they [the?] people have been living between
hope and fear for some time as the
hoppers [grasshoppers?] put in an appearance in the
eastern part of this state also in
Missouri but not in numbers
enough to do any serious damage
still after last years experience we
are a little nervous on the subject
and easily frightened
in my last I mentioned that
wife's Mother was ill.  she died
during the winter. was the first
of our little colony that was taken
perhaps she was the most ready
she came when she was young from
Boston, Massachuttes [Massachusetts?] there was
no railroads in those days and they drove
in their wagon Father in law & her and
came to Illinois distance about 12,00
miles she was a charter member
of the first Presbeterian [Presbyterian?] church orginozed [organized?]
in LaSalle Co [County?] Illinois the [they?] used
to go nine miles and seldom miss
service she was also a member
of the first church organized in Barton
Co [County?] Kansas for want of space
I must stop we all join in kindes- [kindest?]
love to you and Love
yours truly Andrew Greenless