Sarah Gaylard, Kinsale to Hellen Lawrence, Coleraine

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Document ID 9906171
Date 13-09-1781
Document Type Letters (Other)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Sarah Gaylard, Kinsale to Hellen Lawrence, Coleraine; PRONI D 955/21; CMSIED 9906171
*News of Allack's [Allick's?] Death

                          Kinsale September 13  1781

                        I was in hopes to have heard
from my dear Hellen [Helen?] before this as I requested
in my last you would write me as soon as possible  I am
now doubly anxious to hear on the account of they [the?]
Generall [General?] Allarm [Alarm?] of the french fleet
landing in either they [the?] north or this part of
Ireland I think my dear if they should make an assent
[ascent?] on any part of it this place or Cork is most
likely to be their object we are I think from appearences
[appearances?] in some danger from so powerfull [powerful?]
a fleet as they say are in the chanall [channel?] They are
makeing [making?] every preperation [preparation?] hear
[here?] for there [their?] reception All they [the?] army
almost is drawn up to Cork and Kinsale This town is as full
of hors [horse?] and foot as it can hold and expreses
[expresses?] every day amply allarmed [alarmed?] but I
trust in God it will turn out nothing as the last allarm
[alarm?] did. I see in a paper a short time ago Johns
Commishin [Commission?] filled up by another I sepose
[suppose?] he has sold as I think in a former letter from
you that you mentioned he intended selling he would sooner
be rid of the profession than I thought he would have been
as he seemed when I see him in London to like the profession
better than any other I suppose the exercise was to [ too?]
much for him if so he was quit [quite?] right to study his
helth [health?] if he comes to Ireland I hope he will com
[come?] by the way of Bristoll [Bristol?] than [then?] I
shall have a chance to see him as he must land at Cork
which is but nine miles from Kinsale  if you
write him soon [torn] tell him if you expect him I request
you My dear you will write me as soon as possible and let
me know if Mr Ramage and family are in Colerain [Coleraine?]
I have a very particular reason for knowing if he
is I suppose he knew for certain of the death of
our poor brouther [brother?] Allack [Alex?] if they are give
my love and best wishes to them and tell Mrs
Ramage that I expected long since to have had
the happiness of hearing from them but I excuse
her for they [the?] past time as I sepose [suppose?] they
were quit [quite?] engaged from morning to night with there
[their?] friends but that now I shall hope for that pleasure
I heard last post from Hellen [Helen?] thank Goad [God?]
poor little dear shes [she's?] well as are all the rest
who joins me in love to Mr Lawrance [Lawrence?] and
family  now my dear I shall expect to hear from
you by return of post if it is but ten lines  I am
                 My Dearest Hellens [Helen?] Loving and
                       Affect [Affectionate?] Sister
                                Sarah Gaylard