Schooner Grand Sachem, Havana to Philadelphia.

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Document ID 8907024
Date 10-07-1812
Document Type Passenger Lists
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Schooner Grand Sachem, Havana to Philadelphia.; CMSIED 8907024
                           10, July 1812
                         Schooner Grand Sachem
                         Havanna [Havana?]
Schooner = Grand Sachem: Master = John Wilson: From = Havanna [Havana?]:
Burthen =111 13/ [?] tons: Built at Saybrook: State of = Connecticut:
Owned by = John Johnston & Robert Castle: Of = Philada: Bound for =
Philadelphia :
     Names                          Baggage
William James & Wife       Three Trunks One Portmanteaa Writing Desk
                           Bed & Bedding
Thomas Power & Wife        Three Trunks One Basket Writing Desk
                           Bed & Bedding
M (Serg?)ent & Wife        One Barrel Two Boxes Six Trunks
                           Bed & Bedding
Archibald Allen            Two Trunks Writing Desk Bed & Bedding
Abm Matlock                One Chest Bed & Bedding
John Martin                One Chest Bed & Bedding