Power of Attorney from John and Robert Marshall to Revd. James Whiteford

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Citation Power of Attorney from John and Robert Marshall to Revd. James Whiteford;John Henry Marshall; CMSIED 201002025
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Power of Attorney 
John and Robt. Marshall
Revd. James Whiteford 

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Know all men by these presents, that
we, John Marshall and Robert Marshall both 
of the City of Pittsburgh, County Allegheny and 
State of Pennsylvania, carpenters, have made 
constituted and appointed, and by these presents 
do make, constitute and appoint the Reverend James Whiteford 
and of Raloo Lane, County Antrim, Ireland, our true 
and lawful Attorney, for us, and in our names 
place and stead to enter into and take possession of 
all such messages, lands, tenements 
and real estate whatever in the townlands of Bally
-easton, County of Antrim, 
Ireland, left to us, or to either of us by the will of 
our father John Marshall of townland of Bally
[lickand] in the parish of Raloo County Antrim 
late deceased, and to grant bargain and sell the 
same on any part or parcel thereof, for such sum or 
price and on such terms as to him shall seem meet: and for us and 
in our names, to make, execute and 
acknowledge and deliver good and sufficient deeds, 
and conveyances for the same, either with or without 
covenants and warranty: and until the sale thereof 
to rent and demise the said real estate for the best 
rent that can be procured for the same; and to 
ask, demand, recover and receive all such sums of 
money which shall become due and owing to us or 
to either of us, by means of such bargain, sale or lease, 
and to take all lawful ways and means for the 
recovery thereof; to compound and agree for the same; 
and to execute and deliver sufficient discharges and 
acquittances thereof; giving and granting unto our 
said Attorney full power and authority to do and perform 
all and every act and thing whatsoever requisite 
and necessary to be done in about the premises as 
fully and to all intents and purposes as we might or 

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could do if personally present: hereby ratifying and 
confirming all that our said Attorney shall lawfully 
do or cause to be done by virtue thereof.  
       In witness whereof we have hereunto 
set our hands and seals this eleventh day of 
December in the year of our Lord one thousand, 
eight hundred and fifty eight. 

 Attest [Signatures were located below Attest]   John Marshall
		                                 Robert Marshall

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania        
County of Allegheny
City of Pittsburgh

Before me the 
subscriber, Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh, County of 
Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, came the 
above named John Marshall and Robert Marshall 
both of whom are personally known to me, who in 
due form of law acknowledged the above and 
foregoing power or letter of Attorney to be their own 
net and deed to the end that the same might be 
recorded as such. 

In testimony whereof I have 
hereunto set my hand and the seal 
of the City of Pittsburgh this 11th day of December. 
All one thousand eight hundred and fifty eight.