Brig Grandee, Liverpool to Philadelphia.

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Document ID 9101064
Date 30-08-1855
Document Type Passenger Lists
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Brig Grandee, Liverpool to Philadelphia.; CMSIED 9101064
Date                = 30th August 1855
Ship                = Brig Grandee
Master              = Geo. [George?] M. Daker
Owner               = F. N. Troop and others
Burthen             = 257 Tons
Port of Embarkation = Liverpool
Port of Arrival     = Philadelphia
No. of Passengers   = 1 (One)

Name           Age Sex Occupation  To what    Country of
                                   Country    Which it
                                   Belonging  Is Their
                                              To become

Margaret Jones  17  F  Dressmaker  Ireland    United States