M. Gilliland, Brooklyn, to Robert Buchanan, New York.

		                   th [Thursday?] 8 1890
               Brooklyn  August

  Dear Mr Robert
     I have been wishing to see you for some time
but the weather has been so warm I did not like to
ask you to come over and I know you are tired when
you get home and it is such a long ways for you to
come but iff [if?] you can find it convienent
[convenient?] I would like you to come soon.  I had
a letter from Mr Buchanan a week a go [ago?] last
Wensday [Wednesday?] hee [he?] said that hee [he?]
was going to write to you in a few days I expect it
will soon  reatch [reach?] you I got some of my
Money about 2 weeks ago Mr Buchanan has not had much
rest yet now expecting to see I need not write any
[any?] more
         most respectfully
          M Gilliland.