Death of John Simpson, Arcade, 1854

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Document ID 9309133
Date 17-03-1854
Document Type Newspapers (Births, Deaths, Marriages)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Death of John Simpson, Arcade, 1854; PRONI T 3491/9; CMSIED 9309133
John Simpson married Margaret Millar, Kingsmill, Irel. [Ireland?] They came
to America in 1850 He was born June 28, 1827 died at Arcade, March 17 1854
age 24 yrs. [years?] 8 mo [months?] 24 days To them there were three
children born one of which was dead in mothers arms when she reached
Yorkshire, N.Y. [New York?] on stage from Buffalo - Her husband was working
near Arcade having preceded her to America. She was 7 weeks on the ocean
crossing on a sail vessel this being before the days of steamers. Two of the
children are buried at Yorkshire N.Y. [New York?] and John A. McClenthan
Simpson is burried [buried?] at Arcade beside his father - age 1 yr. [year?]
1 mo [month?] 1 day at time of his death