Ship Alleghany, Liverpool to Philadelphia.

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Document ID 800222
Date 20-01-1832
Document Type Passenger Lists
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Ship Alleghany, Liverpool to Philadelphia.; CMSIED 800222
REPORT & MANIFEST Of the cargo laden on board of the Alleghany
Whereof A. Michaels is master which cargo was taken on board at
Liverpool burthen 414 was built at Philadelphia in the State of
Pennsylvania and owned by H Burton J Duncan merchants at
Philadelphia a per- register granted at   the  day  of      and
bound   for Philadelphia.

Marks Nos        Packages    By Whom  To Whom     Placed   Points
                  Inclusive  & Contents  Shipped  Consigned   of       of
Or If       Consign- Dest
To Order    ees      -in
Reside-  ation
Marks  Nos    Packages & Contents   Shipped  Cons-  Resi   Dest
ignees -dence  -inat

Passengers in the cabin of the Alleghany-     No of Packages
[Mrs?] Battersby of Dublin          }         20
[Mrs?] C. Woodward of Dublin        }         &
Miss Battersby of Dublin            }         1
Mr Battersby of Dublin              }         piano
Mr Charles Battersby of Dublin and servant.}  forte
Mr Dunlop of Scotland                         3
Mr Brown of England                           1
Mr Topper Ginnanray of England                1
Mr Cas of the United States                   1

Steerage Passengers   Occupation  Nation   No of      No. in
of    Packages    Family

William McCulloch,wife Farmer     Ireland    6         7
and five children.

Ellen Brady            None       Ireland    0         1

John McClair           Weaver     Ireland    3         1

Mary Dunn and four     None       Ireland    7+1piano  6
children and one
female servant.

Richard Johnson        Carpenter  Ireland    3         1

Anthony Daly           Clerk      Ireland    2         1

Samuel Jefferson       None        Pennsylvania

TOTAL 36 adults and 40 children Make seventy six souls.

I Isaiah Murch do certify that I have examined the written
manifest which was this day produced to me as the copy of
the original manifest of the cargo on board of the ship
Alleghany, whereof A. Michaels is master from Liverpool
with the original  + find the same to agree - In writing
whereof I have signed my name this 28th day of Dic
[December?] 1831.  [January 1832?]

Isaiah Murch.