John Parks, Dublin, to Robert Patterson

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Document ID 9309142
Date 26-07-1798
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation John Parks, Dublin, to Robert Patterson; PRONI T 3541/4/2; CMSIED 9309142
                 30 Stafford St. [Street?] 26 July 1798
                          Thursday Night
My Worthy Good Friend
      I would not write to you tonight, but that the events of this day are
perhaps of consequence to J.C. [John Caldwell?] & [and?] the old gentleman
if with you will be helped by the knowledge of them in his applications as
to Richard.
      Oliver Bond was to [----?] this day, I informed you of the proposition by
Samson & [and?] others. This is I believe with some modification accepted by
Government, & [and?] Mr. Secretary Cooke, and Sam Neilson are entrusted with
the arrangements of this business. Neilson & [and?] he are driving about
Town in a Coach this evening very amicably. Now if some friend would
endeavour to see J.C. [John Caldwell?] & [and?] inform him of these
Circumstances, & [and?] consult him whether he would wish to be included in
the Conditions to which all the State [-----?] have agreed viz [namely?] to
transport themselves out of the British Dominions for life. it would I think
be well done, & [and?] from his situation let him judge for himself. Lord
Cornwallis [sic] a Godlike man & [and?] Indeed a number of people who have
not hitherto been as popular with the people as they deserved, will now very
deservedly be adored. Bond, until Matters can be arranged is respited till
            Adieu Yrs. [yours?] most faithfully
              with love to Mrs. P. [Patterson?]
                           John Parks.