Brig St. Croix Packet, Lisbon to Philadelphia.

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Document ID 8907051
Date 17-11-1812
Document Type Passenger Lists
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Brig St. Croix Packet, Lisbon to Philadelphia.; CMSIED 8907051
                       17, November 1812
                       Brig St. Croix Packet
Brig = St. Croix Packet: Master = Thomas C. Maxwell: From = Lisbon:
in the Kingdom of Portugal: Built at = Cape May: State of = [?]: Owned by =
Jeramiah [Ta?]tem & James Twaddel: Of = Philadelphia: Bound for = Philadelphia:
Names                   Baggage
======                  =========
Mr George McFarlin      One Trunk Wearing Apparel Bed & Bedding
Mr James Lane           Two Trunks One Chest Wearing Apparel
                        Bed & Bedding