Ships Orient to New York, Meridan & Martha J Ward to New Orleans

		                    FOR NEW YORK,

     Ships          Captains            Burthen        To Sail.

ORIENT            Y. S. Hill             2000          21st Dec.

                    FOR NEW ORLEANS,

MERIDAN           J. Simpson             2,000         20th Dec.
MARTHA J WARD     C. A. Storer           1,500         23rd Dec.

  These splendid Ships have accommodation for Passengers
of a very superior description; the Cabins are
elegant and spacious; the Second Cabins and Steerage
are also commodious, having great height between
decks and thorough ventilation, and are confidently
recommended as unequalled conveyances for Emigrants
  For Cabin, Second Cabin, and Steerage Passage,
apply to
                    EDMOND J. HORE & Co.,
                       4, Regent Road, Liverpool.