Brig Ann, Halifax to Philadelphia.

		                           Brig Ann
                         May 15, 1835
REPORT OR MANIFEST of all the Passengers taken on board the Brig Ann
whereof Wm. Rayen, is Master, from Halifax, burthen  73 74/94  Tons,
and owned by  [?]  and bound for Philadelphia.
Names            Age  Sex     Occupation   To What    Country Of
                                           Country    Which It Is
                                           Belonging  Their Intention
                                                      To Become
Ann Mullins       32  Female     Lady      Ireland    U. States
James Mullins     32  Male                 Ireland    U. States
Eliza Mullins      8  Female               Ireland    U. States
Sarah Jane Mullins 5  Female               Ireland    U. States
Michael Mulins     2  Male                 Ireland    U. States
Henry Parker      30  Male                 Halifax    U. States