James Holoday, Garryduff, to Mary Holoday, Gilmour, Nova Scotia

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Document ID 9706249
Date 22-04-1839
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Ulster-American Folk Park.
Citation James Holoday, Garryduff, to Mary Holoday, Gilmour, Nova Scotia;Donated by Mrs. Gwen J. Sinclair; CMSIED 9706249
                         Garryduff April the 22nd 1839
Dear Sister
We again avail ourselves in writing to inform you that
our natural relations in your native land are yet in
existance [existence?]: for all the mercies of our God;
let us be thankful to him who givith [giveth?] liberally
and with-holdeth not, at the same time resting with this
hope that you and your concerns may [receive?] blesings
[blessings?] of a Simila [similar?] kind.  Dear Mary you
will [it?] strange at hearing that my son Robert & his
partner are the bearers of this epistle. they embark
alongst with a few others from this neighbourhood on
the morning of tomorrow.
Our principal aim in writing at present is merely with
the view that you write to us if it is ordered so, that
you receive these few lines.
Let us know the rates of wages for tradesmen & other
informers with respect to any other person or subject
that might be gratifying to us, we do not intend
writing at large until we receive a letter from you.
Your mother is yet alive. She calls to you by the
strongest voice of maternal affection to write of so
be she might hear from you ere she be mingled with
the clods of the valley.
I have nothing to write but such as is common to the
sinkings & risings of mankind in General we have of
children two of which is married and is all well.
Uncle Andrew is well he has 6 children two of which
is married and is well. Uncle Roberts widow & family
is well 6 children belong to her they are all married
but two. Uncle Wm. has 5 motherless children they are
all well this is anything that will enlarge on till we
receive a letter from you. Nancy Gilmore and family is
well. We add but hopes you will write agreeable to our
request Whilst we Subscribe your affectionate Bro
[Brother?] & Sister till death.

                   James and Mary Holoday

Dear Aunt
I arriv'd [arrived?] here on 2nd June and wishes you
to write to me as soon as you receive this - My wife and
child are well and scends [sends?] her love to all  you
can and then I will write more fully.

                      Your affectionate
                             Robert Holody

Direct to the care of Philip Allen
                              Rhode Island

Postmarked St. Andrews

                    Waterman Esq.
                           Molly Gollmore Holloday

                               Nova Scotia