Sworn Affidavit of William Jackson, Richmond, Georgia, America.

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Document ID 8809194
Date 23-07-1824
Document Type Official Documents
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Sworn Affidavit of William Jackson, Richmond, Georgia, America.; PRONI T.2284/1/4; CMSIED 8809194
                                              Robert Means  ) Died 1818
                                              Robert Mayne  )
United States of America
         City of Augusta.
     I, Lovey Powers of said City do swear that Robert Means, who died at
my House in the year A.D. Eighteen hundred and Eighteen left several
articles at his death in my possession, and which I have delivered up to
be transmitted to his friends in Ireland - to wit, one Gold Breast pin,
enclosing some hair and the Capital Letter "M", a Stamp with the figures
a Harp, Crown etc, a small old Morocco Bible and a Book entitled
Hoopers Vade-Mecum.
                              Lovey Powers.
    Sworn to and subscribed  )
before me this twenty third  )
      day of July A.D. 1824. )
              R. Bush, J.P.  )
                 S.E.        )