John Hilton, New York, to William Hilton, Garvagh, Londonderry

		To William Hilton Senr [Senior?]
Dullaghy Care of Mr
John Wallace Garvagh

                               New york Decr [December?] 15th 1814

Honoured father and mother
I take this oppertunity [opportunity?] of writing to you to Let you know
that I am in Good health at present thanks be to the almighty for all his
Mercies, and I Earnestly hope that these few Lines will find you and all the
family in the same; I have not had any Letters only one By the hand of John
Rafferty and one from Brother Robert Dated Oct [October?] 23rd 1812 the
latter I Received Apr [April?] 1813 Which Gave me great Satisfaction to hear
that all who remain are well I have had good health since I Came to this
Country, I have saved about nine hundred Dollars since I Came to these parts
My Expences I Calculate at from two hundred and fifty to three hundred
Dollars per year I Could have had some things stole from me Since [I?] came
here I Could wish to see a Number of my relations here if there was an
oppertunity [opportunity?], and if I was Situtiated [Situated?] as I was at
home I would like this Country verry [very?] well; but from the situation
of the times it is not quite so agreable [agreeable?] as perhaps it might
be, and as to what I am Determined to do as Brother Robert mentioned I
Cannot say as yet, I will wish to have a Letter from you and Let me know if
there is any alteration in your Land or what is a Coming to me if any thing;
and then I Shall be able to say what I would wish to do we have a
plentifull [plentiful?] Country although provitions [provisions?] are verry
[very?] high I have Seen John McIntosh in this town and was well but he is
Gone from here I have not Seen Thos [Thomas?] hutchinson Since Shortly after
I Came here but I have heard several say they have seen him in
phil[adel?]phia    that he was well and Doing w[ell?]
Please to let me know if there is any alteration amongst any of my
Relations and Give my Love to Brothers and Couzens [Cousins?] and all my
Uncles and aunts and all Enquiring friends and Neighbours I add no more at
present but Remain your Ever Loving Son t[ill?] death
                         John Hilton
          Wen [When?] you write Direct to the Care of J & W Sterling & Co.
          New york