Ships Victory & Others to Quebec.

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Document ID 9510140
Date 03-04-1847
Document Type Newspapers (Extracts)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Ships Victory & Others to Quebec.; PRONI T2111/38; CMSIED 9510140
Line of Packets from
Sailing Weekly.
VICTORY, 6th April.
JAMES, 10th April.
PERSEVERANCE, 2000 Tons, Seeds, 8th April.
INDUSTRY, 1800 Tons, Stephens, 14th April.
WAVE, 2000 Tons, Smallman, 20th April.

These large and beautiful Ships belong to a
regular Line of Packets to be dispatched weekly this
Season from Dublin. They are fast sailors, spacious and
lofty between decks, commanded by experienced and attentive
men, and will be well supplied with fuel, water, and navy
bread, &c., for the passengers during the voyage.
   Parties in the country can secure berths without leaving
home by remitting 1l. to
                                 JAMES MILEY,
                              22, Eden-quay, Dublin.