T.K.[Hannyngton?],[?] to [James?] Heather [?]

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Document ID 9512053
Date 31-10-1815
Document Type Official Documents
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation T.K.[Hannyngton?],[?] to [James?] Heather [?]; PRONI D 593/57; CMSIED 9512053
                    Dungannon 31 October 1815
Ex œ79.0.0
             Sixty one days after [sight?] pay seventy
nine pounds to Mr. James Heather Sons or order value
[necess?] [necessary?]
               T.K. [Hannyngton?]

To Mr. William Gribbon
5 Granby [Drive?] Dublin
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James Heather Sons
   John Heather
No. 89
    John Lyle
No. 15
    Samuel and James [Tounley?]