Barbara Gorsuch ,Iowa to John Frazer, Co. Down.

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Citation Barbara Gorsuch ,Iowa to John Frazer, Co. Down.;Donated By John H Frazer; CMSIED 305012
John and Barbara Gorsuch
R. R. #1      Box 184

Montezuma, Iowa 50171

John H. Frazer
26 Ranfurly Ave.
Bangor, County Down
BT203SJ, North Ireland

Dear Friend,
  We received your two letters, dated September 9 and 13.
Following your correspondence, we began our search for more
Information at the State Historical Building in Des Moines. They
referred us to Iowa National Guard offices at Camp Dodge, near Des
Moines. They had no records of Civil War veterans buried outside of
the state of Iowa, but gave us the address for Dept of Memorial
Affairs, Veterans Administration, Washington D.C., who corrected
the grave number to 3202. Following that correspondence we were
instructed to contact National Archives and Record Service in
Washington D.C. From this source, we received copies of Lt. David
Hudson's military record and pension record, which I have enclosed.
   We learned that my great grandfather William Hudson (1837-1886)
was in Nashville with his brother David after he was wounded and
at the time of his death, and William took "all his effects home
with him." This does explain for me the sword and scabbard and
officer's commission which is in my brother's possession.
   Isaac Hudson (died March 26, 1867 at the age of 83) and
Catherine were the parents of William and David: Isaac is buried in the
cemetery at Forest Home, Poweshiek County, Iowa. According to pension
request, Catherine, moved to Moriah, Essex County, New York in August of
1867.  We did not know this and we do not know her burial site. She was
74 years old at this time.
   Older family members have told me that William and David had
a sister, Barbara, born August 15, 1820. She died December 23,
1896 and is buried with her husband, Walker Upton( 1830-1896) at the
Highland Cemetery, Mahaska County, New Sharon, Iowa. We have seen
the stone marker in cemetery from which we got the birth and death
We will trace this further.
   Another older family member here has told me that the mother
of Sarah Totton (1838-1904 wife of William Hudson) was the first
woman principal of a high school in Ireland
    We visited my cousin Hap Teter in Parthenon, Arkansas in
September.  He has always known that William and David were brothers
and he had a picture of them.. .a copy of this picture is enclosed. . .
Hap and his family have always thought David is standing and William is
seated in the picture.
   Also enclosed are excerpts from "Iowa in War Times" which you
referred to in your letter. This is all the information we have
to date, we will be looking forward to hearing from you.


                                     Barbara (Hudson) Gorsuch

Transcribed by Jonathan Engstrand