John Taylor, Pennsylvania to [Robert Taylor?], [Shanrod?]

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Document ID 0701102
Date 13-04-1847
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation John Taylor, Pennsylvania to [Robert Taylor?], [Shanrod?];The Taylors of Shanrod Co Down, Letters from America. Copyright retained by Heather Taylor; CMSIED 0701102
[Johns last letter and benediction]

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                        Pittsburgh Pennsylvania,
                            April 13th 1847

Dear Brother,
                      I have but a few minutes 
to write as Mr Jos [Joseph?] Lowry by whom I intend
sending this leaves this morning and I did 
not see him or know he was in the city until 
last night. We are all well. I had a letter 
from my daughter who resides in 
St Louis, yesterday, she was well when 
she wrote, and had also one from
Robert in Philadelphia a few days ago,
they were all well, John is married, is in 
the Island of Cuba and has his wife with 
him. He gets a Hundred dollars a month 
and his expenses out and in paid. I wrote
to him last week at St Iago.
We have most distressing accounts of the 
famine in Ireland. I do not see that it has 
extended seriously into your county or any 
part of the North save Donegal. Immense
quantities of provisions and money have been
collected in this country and sent to relief of 
your famishing people.
A most bloody war has been 

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raging for a year 
between this country and the neighboring 
Republic of Mexico. Our army have triumphed 
in every battle. A most bloody one that was 
fought on Feby 22nd and 23rd by Gen [General?]
Taylor with about 4000 Americans and Gen 
[General?] Santa Anna President of the Mexican 
Republic with 20,000 Mexicans - the latter were 
repulsed with severe loss - and Gen [General?]
Taylors loss was 800 killed and wounded among 
these [several] old friends and acquaintances 
of mine - Since then we have taken the City 
and Castle of Vera Cruz the largest fortified 
fort on the Continent of America.
Whats the reason you dont write to me? You 
never answered my last letter.
I have sent you since then several newspapers
and one or two to Dr Chain intended for John. 
Dr Stewart of Carnew who came here a short time 
[a?] ago gave me a most satisfactory account of 
you all. I think he said he said [sic] John was 
at Glasgow again last winter - He might certainly 
take the trouble to write me a letter.
       Give my love to mother, Nancy, Susanna
and all your children and believe me Dear Brother
                             Yours most affectionately
                                         John Taylor
Mr Robert Taylor

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I forgot to mention and I regret that I have to
do so that Arthur Gallagher died quite suddenly 
in January last. He has left a widow
and ten children, but in very comfortable
circumstances - I was at his funeral. The
last time I conversed with [sic] he talked of 
sending for his Sisters son who he told me was 
working in the mines in England. I advised him 
to do so. If he understands Mining well he can
get plenty of employment and earn a dollar
and half per day.
                     You must excuse this rambling
disconnected letter-I have not time to correct
or copy it off. May god bless you all.
         J.T. [John Taylor?]

[We know nothing more of the families of John and 
Nathaniel. Back in County Down their mother lived 
until 1857. Robert and Susannas son John completed 
his medical studies in Glasgow, and emigrated to 
Connecticut, but that is another story.]