From Belfast to Grand-pa [Frank?] Martin, USA

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Document ID 0712001
Date 15-06-1929
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
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Citation From Belfast to Grand-pa [Frank?] Martin, USA;James McLeister; CMSIED 0712001
F. [Frank?] Martin Aunt & Uncle of Lila [Martin?]

		Belfast Ireland June 15, 29
Dear Grand-pa Martin, We are 
this evening crossing the Irish 
sea from Belfast over to Liverpool
We have spent the day out at
your old home and as I have 
some wild flowers and heather
gathered from the farm Im going 
to send you some time tonight and
and we will have some more for you
also some [word scored out] peat  (small 
piece) We found the folks very 
glad to see us and we 
had a fine visit with them
although it rained nearly all
the time we were there, but the
sun came out a few minutes
and I took 2 pictures of the 
house the McMasters 
live in and wanted to get some
more but the rain. We met an
old man by the name of Willie 
John Carson who
[Page 2]
is the husband of Bell Martin
a sister of Thos.[Thomas?] Martin your
cousin, he is now 92 years
old and went over to the 
cemetery with Tommie [?] to visit
the grave of your father.
The spring is still giving
them water just the same
and Mr Carson located all
land marks for us and
he seems quiet, spry and
is typically Irish, but he
seems to remember Uncle
Matt Martin better than you
maybe they were together 
       The country is beautiful
and I never saw a lovelier 
sight than the north of 
Ireland was the other night
when our big boat was
coming into [word scored out] Greenock. It
was more beautiful than 
a picture and the fields
of Ireland are lovely
from the sea
[Page 3]
they are laid off like
a checker board [word scored out] with
a hedge fence around each
little patch there are a 
few rock fences but most
all hedge, we had lunch
at Ballymena and visited
the markets and Grand-pa
we saw that pig in a poke
you have told us about
in fact we saw two, a
woman had the first one 
a squealing and kicking
and a man the second
and we had a good laugh 
and the meat markets
were all open and the meat
hanging out on the street 
with the dust blowing, just
like when you lived here
Ill bet and do you 
[Page 4]
the 2 wheel carts? They
are thick as fleas yet, and
we took a picture of 2 
little boys in one with
their donkey pulling them.
There are 3 sisters in
[place of one(?) scored out] and we gave 
two gold pieces to all of them
their names are Agnes,
Lizzie and Annie. Mrs McMaster
is an invalid cant walk,
she has 3 daughters and 2
sons all home. the sisters 
live there too, they still live
just as they did when you
left I believe.
	Well Grand-pa it is a
long, long story we will have 
to tell you when we come 
home, But we send our love
to all of you and listen, dont
forget to stay out of the sun
this summer and we like
your Ireland to look at.  

(This letter was written by Americans visiting Ireland in 1929 
and writing back to family in America.)

Document transcribed by AlisdairMoran. Checked by CMcIvor.