Jane Chambers & Alexander Park toDear Brothers & Sisters

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Document ID 201001015
Date 28-08-1859
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation Jane Chambers & Alexander Park toDear Brothers & Sisters;Dermot Lyttle; CMSIED 201001015
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       Jacksonville 1859 August 28th

Dear brothers and sistors[sisters?] we take 
up our pen to let you know that
we are in good health hopping[hoping?] these 
few lines will find you in the 
same state thanks be to God for
his kind mercies toward both
you and us we received your
letter dated march the fifth
fifteenth and we weated [waited?] for
some time for to get some
money to send to our father
and mother as we had not it
in our hands at that time
times is very dull and when
money is out of a persons hands
he can not get it when the [they?]

plies [please?] We never recived[received?] mothers
dead letter unto we got

[page 2]

Fathers that was the first we
heard of it and mothers has
not come to here as yet
we need not grive [grieve?] after
our deir [dear?] parints [parents?] for life has
been no pleasur [pleasure?] to them for 
some time we are glad to heir [hear?] that
the [they?] had their rashnil [rational?] since [sense?]
to the last  deir [dear?] Brother and
sistor [sister?] we feel verry [very?] sorry
for the burthing [burden?] yous [you?] 
had of them  we do not
mean to forget yous [ you?] as
far as we ar [are?] abel [able?] and
send the sum of two pounds 
at present which we
had redy [ready?] to send to our
deir [dear?] parints [parents?] but we expect
it will not come out of 

[Page 3]
time Samuel we want you to let us know
if you has anny  [any?] word
from Philadelphia or if
the [they?] ever sent father or
mother anney [any?] thing
We have wrote to them
difirent [different?] times and never
got answer from them
Pleis [please?] when you write send
us the derctions [directions?] for brother
Charles  childrin [children?]
We expect revivalles [revivals?] is
A strasnge thing in Ireland
But it is not strange heir [here?]
For it has been heir [here?] for
Severl [several?] years but it has got
Into the most of the prot 
Protestant churches for the

[Page 4]
Two or three years
We are no more at present
But remanes [remain?] your
Afectnis [affectionate?] brother and
Sistor [sister?] Jane Chambers
Alexander Park

When you write
Direct to the care of 
Mr.John Whillock
Moran county Illinois