A. Doran, Rostrevor,[Co Down?] to "Dear Brother."

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Document ID 107137
Date 06-07-1903
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation A. Doran, Rostrevor,[Co Down?] to "Dear Brother.";Document Presented by & Copyright Retained by Sharon DoranTurnbow; CMSIED 107137
              July 6th

Dear Brother
      I cannot tell
how sorry we all were
too [to?] heare [hear?]
the sad news of your dear
wifes death.  Bridget was
always so good and kind, two
[too?] bad she had short days
gods [God's?] holy will be
Done You and the children
will be very lonley [lonely?]
and Miss her so much Poor
Bridget she has left good
children behind her
May the Lord have mercy
on her Dear Soul
May she rest in Peace
Dear Brother glad to hear
yous are well Roasey [Rosey?] will
feel very lonely as she is
the only girl at home and
miss mother more than
the rest als [also?] Peter
Johney and Baby also yourself
will miss her more than
Willie or Sister Innesenter
[Innocencia?] or sister
Antonia as they are from home
wont feel the loss of her
so bad  remember me
to them tell them I ame [am?]
so sorry, for the loss you
have come to  Poor Bridget
she is happy and rich in
the sight of God May she Rest in
Peace  I havent Been in Ballintur
this Long time Its a very seldom
time I ever see any of them
Alicia was the only one
that came to see me
She paid the rent when
she was at home I suppose
its Mary pays it now
Alicia or Mary would
give you the full
particulars if you only
wrote to them as for Barney
Maggess [Maggies?] ones Annie and
Katie writes often Johny
never writes sends them
nothing he must he must have a
big purs [purse?] if he saves all
Peter is gone to America
I hope hel [he'll?] be aJohy [Johny?] is
I close for the preasant [present?]
with Love to all from
[Ben?] and my self to all I remain
as ever yours
affectionately A Dunn [Doran?]
write soon and let me no [know?]
how you are getting along
goodby [goodbye?]

(Transcribed by Tony Flanagan.)