letter from Eliza Steele to her Aunt

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Document ID 200912012
Date 26-09-1878
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation letter from Eliza Steele to her Aunt;Dermot Lyttle; CMSIED 200912012
Dear aunt 

This is
is a poor comfort to
have to reed [read?] such a letter
what do you think will 
become of them I am afraid
Joseph would not be for
my Mother to come home
to lve [live?] home he says they
have need of her yet but it
appears the [they?] dont think 
they have  

Dear Aunt
if yous[you?]could lend me a
pound I would send it 
to my Mother do you
think would she make any
thing if she had a little
shop at home  I wish I 
could see you before I
 would write I am not
able to amount one shilling 
nor I had none this last

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four months but we are
going to quit the buts
and perhaps I will get
some then they are very 
busy at the corn  they are
to moving this two days
two more days will finish
us we have two stakes [stacks?] in
I hope Willy has got stout
again I hope granma [grandma?]
and yous [you?] all are well
perhaps they are [there is?] a letter
from you in the office this
day I got my Mothers letter yesterday 
I hope you will write as soon as you
read this
          Yours truely [truly?]

         Eliza J Steele