James Horner, Philadelphia to Thomas Horner, Co. Londonderry.

		Dear Father & Mother   I take this oppertunity [opportunity?] of
letting you know that I am well thanks be to the great
giver of all good   I hope these few Lines will find you and
my friends all in the same   I have wrote to you and some
of my friends in the [vessels?] that left this one month ago
which I hope you will Receive but whilst oppertunity [opportunity?]
serves I always like to let you know that I am living and well
     Dear Father I am in the same place as yet and I suppose
I will stay here to spring, I have sent 4 hogheads of
flax seed to you if it goes Safe and sent letters along with
but least [lest?] disappointments should happen I will let you
know the Contents   the first I sent aboard the Ship
Pennsylvania Captain Elkanah Bray is Master he has one
bill of [leading?] and I sent one enclosed to you but if you should
not Get the bill this may do I bought them from
Mr Wm [William?] Heaslet [Haslett?] as by [?] in freight the [they?] Cost one
thirty dollars [No 162 and marked - P?] and you are to pay 14 shilling Each [?]
freight this was Decr 7th 1809 I thought it best to send two
in Each ship I bought two other from the Capt John Barry
aboard the ship Mohalk the [they?] Cost one thirty one dollars
he has one bill of Leading and I sent one with Patrick McCloskey
of kelunagh he is brother-in-law to Dennis McCloskey
of Gortnaghy   I allowed him to keep the letter to
he would see some of you can go to him and Enquire
the [?] are Marked and No 48 49 Mark I.B which
if the [they?] go safe to hand if these letters should be lost
[?] may Satisfy the [?] was very high but
I thought you would need the Money and I had done nothing
with it three of them Cost me the money that I got from
Jas [James?] Burk and the other I allow you and my friends, of
which I have wrote before, Capt Barry's bill bears date 13th Decr
1802 - I need not say any more but [?] you the bill you can
as I do not know how it will sell it is an uncerting [uncertain?] market
I hope you will write to me the 1st oppertunity [opportunity?] and let me
know how you have done so that if any thing [anything?] was wrong
I might have an oppertunity [opportunity?] writing [to right?] it

Dear Mother I do not need any thing [anything?] as yet as I had
prepared and the time is but short but I hope I will not
need any thing [anything?] if I live to Return again but I am glad that
you and all my friends is well, let Mrs Rodger's know
that I have maid [made?] Enquire [Enquiries?] Concerning her Son but
no Account from him, Livina Picket [Lavinia Pickett?] is well and
has a young Son, Archibald McFadden is well he sent
some seed home and the letter with Pat McCloskey of Kelunagh
Miss Burk is well and lives with Mr Carson at present
I have not seen any of the Burks since April last
the last letter I got was wrote 17th July which I suppose
I got all that was wrote to me, it spoke of a ware [war?] betwixt
the Indian and America but there is no such thing if
I live in America to the be the Cause of me leaving it may
be long enough but as passages are Cheap it may be I will
think of it.  I have wrote to my Grand father [Grandfather?] & Uncle
Tom McCracken which I think they have got before
this time we have had a pleasant Winter there has been
very little frost or snow as yet [victuals?] is very cheap
as I have wrote before I have not much to write but I suppose
this to be the last for some time as here not always vessels
passing from this port [there is a?] ship [Edward?] for belfast which
you got two last Jany give my love to Grand father [Grandfather?] and Mother
[Grandmother?] and I am glad that they are living and well and I hope that he
will write to me this spring likewise to my Uncle and Aunt
Aunt Rose and Cousin Elizabeth and Nancy Clark likewise to all
my friends and Enquiring Neighbours as if I had named
them by Name  I add no more at present but

        Remain your
                 Affectionate Son
                         James Horner

Philadelphia Jany 16th 1803

N.B. Direct your letters as before to Mr Carson south
St. between 3rd and 4th Sts   Philad [Philadelphia?]

[addressed to:]                     [stamped:]
Mr Thomas Horner                      BELFAST
   Bovevagh County Londonderry      SHIP LETTER
Care of Mr Mark Rodgers
    Newtown Limvady [Limavady?]