William W. Shaw, Chicago, Illinois, to Mrs Shaw, Ballyfounder, Co Down

		        Chicago Feby [February?] 10th 1881

               Dear Mother
After a long time I write you
a few lines we are all well
hoping you are enjoying the
same blessing I have bought
another Vessel and I think
I have got a good bargain
I am going to quit sailing
this season and attend to
business ashore Dear brother
I would like to see you once
more and if I be spared next
fall I will go accross [across?] when
you write let me know if
you get your pension
regular from the landlord
or if you are short of money
be sure and let me know
as I have got plenty so
do not want for a doctor and
have all your comforts as it will
be all the same one hundred
years from now, Wm Shanks
can tell you how we are
getting along he was a very
good boy but he had one
fault and I think he took
of the pipers [pypers?] he is fond
of the girls. I suppose he
told you about informing on
uncle Sam but he was sorry
for it I seen molly McMaster
a Sunday she is on a visit here
from [porterich?] and she looks well

I have no more to say
   your affectionate
          Wm W. Shaw