William Parke, Petersburg to his wife, [Ireland?].

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Document ID 8903128
Date 10-09-1860
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation William Parke, Petersburg to his wife, [Ireland?].; PRONI T 1648/14; CMSIED 8903128
                         Petersburg Va [Virginia] Sept 10th 60 [1860?]
My Dearest Wife I am just in receipt
of yours of 24th Ult [Ultimo?] sorry to hear you
were indisposed tho' [although?] it is some comfort
to know you were getting over it.
I have only time to answer a few of
your questions dearest.  I hope D.V. [God Willing?]
to have over $1,000 dollars in hand
at the end of the year possible 1,200
I fear I could not make up my mind
to adopt Tillys plan of doing without
you if I had not determined to
not think of you coming before
it in Oct or soon in November
I would be thinking the time
much longer than I now do
she must just pack up and
come with you for a visit &
possibly we might all go back
either with her or after
you know it is only a triffle [trifle?]
to cross over not the great
undertaking it used to be 20 years ago.
Mrs Poindexters better half is
a Lawyer, the children will live
with them & Fanny Dunn expects
to go to school there, but I don't
think her father or Aunt will
let her I met Horner & wife
at Mrs McClevys last night, both
well, saw the little girl a few
days since at the store, he is
employed where he was a partner
& they are keeping house again
I have not seen Mrs Many or Mark
since to speak to them
Lucy has been home more than
a week, she was not [out?] [?]
Tappy is gone to New York with
2 of the children.  I will probably
write you again in a week or
so in answer to your last love
to all & kisses to Robert
& believe me your very much
attached & loving Husband
              Wm [William?] Parke
I get very good health
never was better.