Agreement Between John Thompson, & Samuel Doak, County Down.

		  THIS BILL Bindeth Mr John Thompson of Aughneskeough
[Aughnaskeagh?] in the County of Down and Parish of
Dromaragh [Dromara?] in the just sum of - Nine Pounds
Thirteen Shillings and four pence half peny [penny?]
to be paid unto Saml [Samuel?] Doak of Kinnallan
or his lawful Attorney, Executors, Administrators, or
Assigns at or upon the first day of August next;
for the payment whereof I Bind me my Heirs,
Executors, and Administrators,
in the penal Sum of Nineteen Pounds Six Shillings and
    Nine Pence sterling
And further I do authorise and Impower [empower?]
    Crane [Brush?]       or any other Attorney of his
Majesty's Court of Common [Place?] or any Attorney of
any other Court of Record in Ireland, Great Britain or
elsewhere, to appear for me the said John Thompson
and after one or more Declarations filed for the above
Penalty, thereupon to acknowledge Judgement or
Judgements, as of any Term or Time after the
Date hereof with Stay of Execution until the said -
     first Day of August next;
hereby releasing all Errors, or erroneous Proceedings,
in entering or obtaining the said Judgment [Judgement?]
or judgments [Judgements?].
Witness my Hand and Seal this tenth Day of November
In the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and

Signed, Sealed and Delivered
   in the Presence of
 Being first truly Read