Wm. Heather, Canada, to Thos. Greeves, Dungannon

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Document ID 9512070
Date 20-11-1834
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Wm. Heather, Canada, to Thos. Greeves, Dungannon; PRONI D 593/21; CMSIED 9512070
I read yours dated 27th ninth month and was not a little surprised
to find you would not send the money you received on my cut after
you desiring me to empower a person to receive it from you and
that you would pay it if Jas.[James?] Heather Had a claim on me he
knew where to find me if I did not settle with him. He has a remedy
[----?] that I was intitled [entitled?] to my part as well as any of the
other Legatees you paid and therefore you are aware that
you could not be made accountable for paying me more than the
rest.  I have property both here and in Ireland and will stand in
your shoes if any claim should be made against you therefore I
hope and request you will pay over to Doctor Young the amt [amount?] of
first dividend and when Jas? [James?] Heather comes together by
letter I shall not be afraid to come to a settlement and
explanation of our affairs let Jas? [James?] and I settle our
own affairs I am not going to run away neith [neither?] will I
defraud any person From a long course of sickness both me and my
family have suffered very much since we came here this with the
disappointment of not getting my just due from you has left me
and my family in a distressed state at present not being able
from sickness to raise what would support my family.  Consequently
had to go in debt as I could not see my family starve beside
this I owe a large bill to our Doctor for medicine and
attendance and I believe have not one months provisions at
present & how I am to support my family to Return of next
Harvest God only knows but after that I trust to have plenty
providing my Creditors ly [lay?] off me to relief comes from you the
second & third dividend may remain in your hand to you hear from
me which will be immediately after I receive from you the first
dividend in course of some time I hope to get money from my
agent and also Have [them?] Made Here but if I don't get my money from
you now my property will only be sacrafised [sacrificed?] and my
self [myself?] & family drove to beggary but I still have a
better opinion of you that you will not take the advantage of me
seeing that I am so far of [off?] & in a strange land if you
refuse payment of my money on a supposed debt being due why
might you not refuse payment to Jas [James?] on the same Grounds
who left several debts unpaid and no property behind him shurly
[surely?] on cool deliberation you will not consider your self
[yourself?] justifiable in stopping my money & if I was not in
distress and was to lose it all what would I care now before I
conclude will just say I hope you will not be the means of
driving my & family to utter ruin leaving the matter for the
present between your God & you

Mr Thos [Thomas?] Grieves                        I am
    Dungannon                                      Yours truly
                        Brackville,Upper Canada     Wm.Heather