Samuel James McCreery, Jersey City, to Joshua Peel, Armagh.

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Document ID 1200288
Date 16-04-1900
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Samuel James McCreery, Jersey City, to Joshua Peel, Armagh.; PRONI D889/7/1; CMSIED 1200288
                     Office Of
                TEFFT, WELLER & CO.
               326, 328, 330 Broadway,
P. O. Box 1842. NEW YORK,  4/16 1900

Mess. Joshua E Peel & Son
       English St
             Armagh Ireland
On Feb 9th I Mailed you a Registered letter
Contents Verifyed [verified?] receipts Excuted
[Executed?] before the British Cunsul [Consul?] As
requested Have had no Communication from You since
Please forward Draft or notify me Your Objective If
any; You have got a recase as well as a receipt
legaly [legally?] Excuted [Executed?] for the
Same Please Address letter to my Place of business
Tefft Weller & Co or to My resedent [residence?]
99 Atlantic Street Jersey City New Jersey Reply
& Oblege [oblige?]

                            Yours Truly
                       Samuel James McCreery
                         99 Atlantic St
                         JC [Jersey City?]